Igreja de São Pedro

Visitor's Guide

Igreja de São Pedro, Óbidos

Igreja de São Pedro is Óbidos' second-most important church

Originally gothic, this 13th-century church changed several times over the centuries, especially after earthquakes in 1531 and 1755. The portal dates from the 1600s, but almost everything else is from the 18th century. It’s the resting place of the famous local painter Josefa De Óbidos, but it’s not known if she was the author of the notable 17th-century painting to the right of the retable showing St. Peter receiving the keys to Heaven from Christ. The gold-covered retable (from between 1690 and 1705) is a magnificent example of Portuguese Baroque.

Igreja de São Pedro, Óbidos

The interior of the church

The side altars are dedicated to Our Lady of Piety (15th century), Our Lady of the Rosary (18th century), and Our Lady of Fátima (from the 1940s).
Outside is the curious gothic chapel of St. Martin.

The church opens from 9:30am to 12:30pm, and again from 2:30pm to 5pm.