Ginja de Óbidos

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Ginja, Óbidos

Ginja is sold at different spots around Óbidos

The best way to end your trip to Óbidos is with a shot of “ginja de Óbidos,” or “ginjinha”. This cherry liqueur is a famous local drink, and is often served in a chocolate cup. It originated with 17th-century monks from the region, who combined Morello cherries and brandy, and drank it as an aperitif or after dinner. Today, any time is a good time to try the dark red drink, as many visitors to Óbidos do. You’ll find several spots down Rua Direita where you can have a sip, and may even buy a bottle. In fact, it just may be the perfect souvenir.

On warmer days it’s slightly chilled, but it’s best served at a temperature of between 15C and 17C. Sometimes it comes with a cherry, other times it’s flavored with vanilla or a cinnamon stick. No visit to Óbidos is complete without trying it, and you can eat the chocolate cup if you order it in one. Your visit to Óbidos is then guaranteed to indeed be a sweet memory.