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Óbidos is often visited on a tour from Lisbon

Obidos is ideal for visitors who are seeking a calm and authentic Portuguese experience, far removed from the hecticness of Lisbon or the larger coastal resorts. Once all of the day-trippers leave Óbidos, the town has an infectious relaxed and peaceful ambience, where long evenings are spent in the family-run restaurants eating traditional home-cooked food.

Highlights of the Óbidos region include, Peniche, Nazaré, and Caldas da Rainha, and a bit further are Fátima, Batalha and Tomar. To get the most from a holiday to Óbidos, a rental car is recommended, but there is inexpensive public transport to the main towns of the region.

Óbidos has a very limited number of hotels, which makes accommodation always in high demand. This is especially true during the peak season when the town and surrounding region will be fully sold out. Our advice is to book accommodation as soon as possible, before the best properties are gone.