Rua Direita

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Rua Direita, Óbidos

Rua Direita is Óbidos main shopping street

Rua Direita is Óbidos' main street. Actually, it’s the town’s only real street, and even so, it barely has space for cars to go through.

Rua Direita, Óbidos

The former church and now bookstore of Santiago can be seen at the end of the street

It’s a narrow street that leads from the main Town Gate to the castle, and is lined with geraniums and bougainvillaea, shops, restaurants, cafés and a couple of small galleries. If you’re looking for traditional handicrafts, a souvenir or a place to try the “Ginja de Óbidos” liqueur, this is the street to head to. In fact, you can’t miss it, as practically every other street and alley in town seems to lead to it.

Rua Direita, Óbidos

Rua Direita connects the main town gate to the castle

Although it dates back to the 1300s, it was expanded in the 16th and 17th centuries. It has always kept many of its gothic portals and windows, and leads to the picturesque main square, home to the town’s main church, Igreja de Santa Maria. Here you’ll also find the Municipal Museum.