Top 10 Things to Do and Must-See Attractions in Óbidos

The most extraordinary sights and the most memorable experiences

    Óbidos Castle

  • 1. Óbidos Castle
  • One of Portugal’s greatest medieval castles, it was once a royal palace but its stone interior has been restored and is now a hotel. The golden towers can be admired from outside, while the crenellated battlements and ramparts offer views of the surrounding valleys and over the whitewashed houses of the village.

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    Igreja de Santa Maria, Óbidos

  • 2. Igreja de Santa Maria
  • Located in the main square, this Renaissance church (where 10-year-old King Afonso V married his 8-year-old bride Isabel in 1444) is lined with 17th-century tile panels and paintings by the great local artist Josefa D’Óbidos.

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    Igreja-Livraria de Santiago, Óbidos

  • 3. Igreja-Livraria de Santiago
  • It’s a church that’s now a bookstore, retaining some of the original architectural elements, but mostly a place to look for books covering a variety of subjects, including local art and culture. Most of them are in Portuguese, but there are also English editions.

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    Igreja de São Pedro, Óbidos

  • 4. Igreja de São Pedro
  • One of Portugal's greatest female artists, Josefa D’Óbidos, was entombed in this 13th-century church, which features a magnificent gold-covered retable.

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    Igreja da Misericórdia, Óbidos

  • 5. Igreja da Misericórdia
  • This is a church from 1498 that’s now also used for cultural events and as an exhibition space for local art. It stands next to one of the town's most curious medieval buildings, which was once a private residence and a synagogue.

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    Ginja de Óbidos

  • 6. Ginja de Óbidos
  • It’s now available in Lisbon and other parts of Portugal, but you can’t leave Óbidos without trying its famous drink -- a cherry liqueur that’s often served in a chocolate cup.

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    Rua Direita, Óbidos

  • 7. Rua Direita
  • Óbidos' main street is filled with interesting architectural and decorative details, but its shops are also worth a look. The best buys are ceramics, embroideries, wine, and, of course, bottles of ginja.

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    Municipal Museum, Óbidos

  • 8. Municipal Museum
  • Many of Josefa D’Óbidos’ paintings are on display in this museum, together with several works from the 15th century onwards, plus mementos of the war against Napoleon, who suffered a major defeat close to Óbidos.

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    Casa do Arco da Cadeia, Óbidos

  • 9. Casa do Arco da Cadeia
  • This postcard-pretty building is the 14th-century Town Hall and a former prison, and is now a small museum.

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    Buddha Eden Garden, Óbidos

  • 10. Buddha Eden Garden
  • Europe’s largest Asian garden, with the continent’s largest collection of Buddhist statues, is just 15 minutes outside Óbidos. It’s a beautiful, surprising, and fascinating site that you won’t want to miss.

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