Porta da Vila

Tourist Guide

Óbidos gate

The gateway to the interior of the walled town of Óbidos

Porta da Vila is Óbidos’ main town gate. It’s made up of two low-rise staggered gateways to prevent a direct cavalry charge, as was common in gothic Portuguese castles. Between the gateways is a balcony that served as an oratory, embellished with beautiful blue and white tile panels from 1740, depicting the Passion of Christ. They include an inscription related to Our Lady of Sorrows (Óbidos' patroness saint) -- “The Virgin, Our Lady conceived without original sin.” The painted ceiling above the tiles illustrates a crown of thorns.

Porta da Vila, Óbidos

The tiled balcony of the gate

Once past the gateway you see the main street, Rua Direita, directly in front of you, and a flight of steps immediately to the left. Unless you suffer from vertigo or have mobility problems, we suggest you start your visit up the steps, as the climb up and the walk on the walls offer panoramic views over the entire town.

Porta da Vila, Óbidos

The gate used to close at night